DSEC Grant Program

Welcome to RoboNation’s DSEC program! We are excited to have you to be a part of the program with us. RoboNation is a partner of the Department of Defense to offer SeaPerch build kits, tool kits, and resources to those in military-connected communities in Louisiana and the gulf coast of Texas.  

RoboNation has an agreement to provide demographic data to provide resources to our STEM educators. Please look over the following information to be sure the information that is needed can be collected efficiently. 

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Data Requirements

Kit Request Form

This form is to order SeaPerch build kits & tool kits and where to be shipped. Remember that each kit (1) is to be utilized for 4-5 students and you can receive 1 tool kit for every 5 build kits that you receive. 

Link to Kit Request Form

Surveys for Students and Educators

These surveys are for students and educators (any adult trained in SeaPerch program) that participate in the SeaPerch DSEC program. These are live links and may only be shared with those being asked to complete.  Student surveys are for 13 and older students that have participated in the program. 

Link to STUDENT survey: https://survey.dodstem.us/SFAZQEL

Link to EDUCATOR survey: https://survey.dodstem.us/EFCDBNU


PDF Handouts for offline implementation. Please utilize only if necessary. 

PDF for STUDENT (Coming soon)

PDF for EDUCATOR (Coming soon)

Training Information



Register for the DSEC SeaPerch Educator Training


VIRTUAL Training

Join Kim Kaufman on May 2 & 4 from 4 pm – 7 pm. This will be a zoom link for groups of educators to get together for this training.  Sign up here for the training and you will receive the zoom link. Each individual educator must sign up separately for RoboNation records. 


Virtual Training Sign Up
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SeaPerch Program Resources

Resources: https://seaperch.org/resources/ 

2023 Competition: https://seaperch.org/programs/2023-season/ 

Shop Robonation (extra kits, parts, tools): https://shop.robonation.org/ 

Educators in Residence Program: https://seaperch.org/educators-in-residence/ 

Contact us

If you have any questions about the DSEC program? Contact RoboNation and we will get back to you as soon as possible.