2020 SeaPerch Season

2020 SeaPerch Season

Congratulations to all of our 2020 SeaPerch Challenge Teams!

Though we did not have the pleasure of seeing teams conquer the 2020 International SeaPerch Challenge, we continue to be inspired by the stories of resilience and creativity we hear from our SeaPerch community. If you don't know what we're talking about, go check out SeaPerch Onshore, where students, educators, advocates and more, have shared their incredible work! 

It was sure to be an exciting year with a new theme, mission coursecitizen science projects, and more. Check out the detailed pool course drawings, new engineering process guidelines, and new competition classes that were to be launched this year. 

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2021 Theme: Waterway Cleanup

Similar to past seasons, the 2020 International SeaPerch Challenge will include two in-pool components: (1) an obstacle course and (2) a mission course. Find all the course build guides available for download on the 2020 Pool Course page. 


The world’s waters support an abundance or the earth’s life and serve as a vital resource for all of us. The health and safety of these waterways is threatened by waste ranging from floating “garbage patches” to dangerous submerged explosives. The 2021 SeaPerch Challenge mission and citizen science challenges are inspired by real-life circumstances where ROVs can assist us in cleanup efforts.