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What is SeaPerch?

SeaPerch in an innovative underwater robotics program that equips students, educators, and parents with the resources they need to build an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) in an in- or out-of-school setting.

As an integrated STEM education program, SeaPerch is a great place to start on your journey to build a bot and learn how to use that bot for good.

The Community

SeaPerch is an international program with a local flair, and that’s how we like it. A big part of how we pull that off is through the SeaPerch community. Here you can broaden your horizons by connecting with amazing mentors and advocates from all over the globe. Whether you need some advice or want to share a success, the SeaPerch community is here to help you out.


Discover the Community
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The Competition

The annual International SeaPerch Challenge is an invitation-only event that tests the skills learned in the SeaPerch program with a series of obstacles and real-world inspired tasks. The challenge is open to teams that excel at registered regional competitions and earn a slot to compete in the season’s culminating event. Each season a new theme and set of competition tasks are released. Discover this year’s theme and dive into a new challenge.


Discover the Competition
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SeaPerch ROV Kit

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Ready to get your hands wet? You’ve come to the right place. Check out these exciting kits and start building.

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

2018 SeaPerch Challenge

“I was impressed with the way teams spoke and worked with one another. A high school team ‘adopted my middle school team’ and the members and their teachers were helpful and friendly….even in the airport as we waited to board our plane! …Cafeteria was excellent and it was good for my students to see a college experience. It truly motivated them!”

Team Mentor

2019 SeaPerch Challenge

“Since starting SeaPerch 4 years ago it is definitely my favorite robotics competition to participate in.”

Team Mentor

2020 SeaPerch Season

“I had used SeaPerch kits for a couple of years for our middle school robotics class and last year decided to take the plunge and enter the competition. We have participated in many competitions over the years but the SeaPerch Challenge has been, by far, the most educational, practical, and fun for all involved. My students enjoy the rigor of the program and learn a lot from other teams. I personally enjoyed meeting students and coaches from all over the US and world at the International events. They were very gracious in sharing how they approached the challenges and developed solutions. My students were very surprised how willing the other teams were to share their ideas.”

Naveen Cunha
Naveen Cunha
Educator & Team Mentor

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