SeaPerch is more than a program, it’s a community.


Let’s Introduce Ourselves

SeaPerch is an international program with a local flair, and that is how we like it. No matter your background or experience level, there is a place for you in our community. Local mentors and advocates serve as the backbone of this community and help to bolster SeaPerch efforts and connections across the world through a series of regional networks. Whether you are connecting with another team in your neighborhood or on the other side of the world, we all have something we can learn from and teach each other.

Although our favorite way to connect is face-to-face, that is not always possible. We have a variety of opportunities for community connection in the virtual domain. Whether you have a question or want to share a success or some advice, the community is here to facilitate your connection with the program. But it’s more than just the program. We hope that these connections will have positive impacts that span into your future educational and professional journeys.

Connect with the Community


SeaPerch in the Wild

Get ready for real-world adventures with your ROV.

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SeaPerch in Your Community

Find out what’s happening near you.

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