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Volunteers and Judges Wanted

We’re looking for in-person volunteers and virtual and in-person judges for the 2022 International SeaPerch Challenge!


The International SeaPerch Challenge

Want to be an underwater robotics champion? Here is your chance. 


The annual International SeaPerch Challenge is an invitation-only event open to teams that excel at registered regional competitions and earn a slot to compete in the season’s culminating event.

On land, teams show off their engineering skills through technical papers and presentations. In the pool, they navigate their SeaPerch through a series of obstacles inspired by the real world that test maneuverability, control, and utility. Each season has a new theme and a new set of competition tasks, challenging teams to expand on their original vehicle design.

Beyond the friendly rivalry, all competitions bring students together from different schools, states, and countries to form a supportive community. Discover this year’s theme and dive into a new challenge.

Ways to Qualify

Option 1: Compete Regionally

“Think globally, act locally” can apply to bots as well.


SeaPerch competitions are hosted annually by volunteer coordinators around the world. These events range from local exposition events to regional competitions that allocate qualifying spaces for top teams to compete at the annual International SeaPerch Challenge. 


Regional competitions are planned, hosted, and executed by local SeaPerch advocates, mentors, and regional coordinators. Each registered regional competition is allocated a set number of qualifier spaces for the International SeaPerch Challenge. Compete and win in one of these events to move on to the International event. 


Requirements and tasks for regional events vary. For more information about the event closest to you, check the list of registered regional competitions.

Option 2: Apply for a Wild Card Space


Many teams don’t have the same access or ability to participate in a regional competition. Teams from around the world can apply for Wild Card spaces to compete at the annual International SeaPerch Challenge.


To be considered for a Wild Card space, teams may submit an application including team information, a brief overview of their SeaPerch ROV design, and a short statement about what participation at the International Challenge means to them.


Eligibility: Teams are eligible to apply for Wild Card slots even if they are participating in a regional. However, teams are not eligible to be awarded a Wild Card slot if they win an invitation at a regional.


Qualifications: Qualified spaces for wild card submission are limited. Applications will be reviewed and spaces awarded on a rolling basis. Registration is now closed.


Past Competitions

SeaPerch competitions have been running for over ten years. Learn more about past themes, tasks, and winners from these events.

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

2019 International SeaPerch Challenge

“SeaPerch is a fantastic program to help kids enter the competitive world of robotics in a no stress environment.”

Team Mentor/Chaperone
Team Mentor/Chaperone

2018 International SeaPerch Challenge

“I loved supporting my teammates and I wanted them to do the best that they could, this experience is one I will never forget and I’ve learned how to contribute to a team.”

Team Member
Team Member

2019 International SeaPerch Challenge

“I liked seeing this year’s challenge, which was different from previous years. It forced us to think outside of the box and go through the engineering design process several times. Basing the challenge off of real life events showed students how this has real life applications.”

Team Member
Team Member

2018 International SeaPerch Challenge

“I was impressed with the way teams spoke and worked with one another. A high school team “adopted my middle school team” and the members and their teachers were helpful and friendly….even in the airport as we waited to board our plane! …Cafeteria was excellent and it was good for my students to see a college experience. It truly motivated them!”

Team Mentor
Team Mentor

2018 International SeaPerch Challenge

“There were so many unique ROVs, my students can’t wait to get creative.”

Team Mentor
Team Mentor

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