Educators in Residence

Have you ever wanted to be part of a fun team and use your skills to benefit hundreds of thousands of kids from around the world? Here’s your chance!


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This is a paid residency program. RoboNation is looking for four educators (2 MS, 2 HS):

  • Educators will spend 12 months (an average of 250 hours of time each year) writing experiential conceptual and capstone STEM resources for grades 5 – 12 

  • The creation of foundational concepts and resources will align with postsecondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) and academic pathways which lead to university and entry level workforce opportunities. 

Travel to Arlington, VA in Summer 2022 will be required and paid for by the program. Additional travel opportunities will also be available. 


About the Educators in Residence Program

The Educators in Residence program was created in 2021 in response to the need for engaging, interesting, exploratory and experiential STEM classroom curricular resources. Resources include:

  • Demonstration materials that serve as a “hook” to begin deeper discussions and lead to the entire lessons and units.
  • Engaging lessons relevant to the mission of RoboNation and the SeaPerch, SeaGlide, and GoSense programs.
  • Educational mapping to the Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core, and Framework for 21st Century Learning Concepts to be used as a reference or guide by instructors. The resources will be organized based on scientific field and concepts in an online open source for use by all.
  • Concepts that can be used in a differentiated instructional model at multiple developmental levels from middle school through the undergraduate collegiate level.

Residents will spend 12 months collaborating, envisioning, identifying, creating, developing, innovating, writing, leading, exploring, aligning and articulating conceptual STEM resources for grades 5 – 12. 

CTE standards will be used as a guide to inform the structure and pathways throughout the vertical alignment of the program. Educators in Residence will have the opportunity to engage with current and former academic and industry leaders to learn more about various STEM concepts, cutting edge innovative STEM solutions and research.

RoboNation Educators in Residence will be compensated with $10,000 plus an additional $2,500 for travel and conference expenses. This will be paid in installments throughout the year on condition that all program requirements and deliverables have been met.

Do We Have Your Attention? Here’s What You Need to Know

Project Timeline
Project Timeline
  • • Application Deadline: February 20
  • • Finalists Notified: March 5

• Finalist Interviews: March 10

  • • Residents notified March 15
  • • Orientation (on-site in Arlington, VA): July 2022
  •     • Educators In Residence would come in for the kick- off on Sunday, July 10 beginning at 3pm

        • July 11 all day

        • July 12 all day

        • July 13, 8-10 am

  • • Curricula work begins July 15, monthly check in with Education Manager (EDM)
  • • Final curricula delivered May 1, 2023
  • • Cohort II application announced February 1, 2023*
  • • Cohort II applications reviewed by Cohort I March 30, 2023*

*Cohort II dates are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change

Program Goals
Program Goals

Develop STEM resources for use by teachers/instructors to include demonstrations, lessons, units, and capstone  projects to expose students from various demographic backgrounds and educational levels to interesting and engaging STEM concepts.


  • • Improve instructional practice
  • • Increase self-efficacy
  • • Enhance STEM leadership
  • • Strengthen conceptual models of STEM integration
  • • Promote awareness of STEM equity and access
  • • Exposure to subject matter experts and technology


  • • Increase STEM interest and awareness
  • • Create a STEM identity
  • • Improve STEM learning
  • • Enhance equitable access to STEM education
Program Expectations
Program Expectations

Educators in Residence will be expected to:

• Reside in the lower 48 contiguous United States.

  1. • Be advocates of the RoboNation mission.
  • • Complete the entire 12-month program.
  • • Be part of the review and onboarding process for the following cohort.  
  • • Work collaboratively in a collegial manner.
  • • Participate as a judge in at least one SeaPerch competition.
  • • Collaborate in the creation of curricular resources including demonstrations, unit plans, lesson plans, and capstone projects at the middle school and high school levels.
  • • Required to participate in the program orientation located at the RoboNation national headquarters in Arlington, VA and other virtual meetings throughout the year.

Do You Have Questions?

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