2018-2019 SeaPerch Challenge Signature Sponsor: Raytheon 2018-2019 SeaPerch Challenge Signature Sponsor: Raytheon

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Join us in breaking barriers, taking risks, and building robots.

The SeaPerch community does amazing work. But it wouldn’t be possible without robust partnerships ranging from local connections to national level sponsorships. Partners play a critical role by supporting the program and enhancing the experiences and resources available. 

Whether you want to volunteer your time, share your expertise, or provide support, we’d love to connect. We’re always planning for the future so if you have ideas and want to be a part of making the next big thing happen. Drop us a line and help steer towards a brighter future.

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Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.


“At RoboNation, our fantastic partners share their time, resources and motivation to help bring the field of robots forward. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to unite so many great people through technology to learn, share, create and bot to the fullest.”

Lindsey Groark
Lindsey Groark
Pre-University Programs Director


“Blue Robotics has been a long-time supporter of RoboNation’s advanced autonomy competitions. As we dive (pun intended) further into supporting their K to Workforce pipeline, we understand that the SeaPerch community has expressed an interest in engaging their ROVs in real-world applications and delving into more advanced designs capabilities for their ROVs. We look forward to continuing our partnership with RoboNation to provide resources, access and inspiration to thinkers and doers worldwide.”

Rustom Jehangir
Rustom Jehangir
Blue Robotics

2020 SeaPerch Season

“I had used SeaPerch kits for a couple of years for our middle school robotics class and last year decided to take the plunge and enter the competition. We have participated in many competitions over the years but the SeaPerch Challenge has been, by far, the most educational, practical, and fun for all involved. My students enjoy the rigor of the program and learn a lot from other teams. I personally enjoyed meeting students and coaches from all over the US and world at the International events. They were very gracious in sharing how they approached the challenges and developed solutions. My students were very surprised how willing the other teams were to share their ideas.”

Naveen Cunha
Team Sponsor