2019 International SeaPerch Challenge Awards 2019 International SeaPerch Challenge Awards

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SeaPerch competitions are hosted at local, regional, and international levels. These competitions provide students with opportunities to showcase their unique ROV designs, to learn from each other, and to network with other teams. At these events, students maneuver their ROVs through in-pool courses, provide presentations or interviews related to their engineering process and are judged on technical design reports. Participation in competitions is optional and just one of the many ways to augment students’ experience with the SeaPerch program.

Local and regional competitions are planned and hosted by regional volunteers and can range from small gatherings to robust formal competitive events. Approved regional qualifying competitions provide an opportunity for teams to earn an invitation to compete at the annual International SeaPerch Challenge. Hosted by RoboNation, this event invites top teams to represent their communities and compete with teams from around the world. We are always looking for advocates to host competitions in communities that don’t yet have one.


Regional Competitions

SeaPerch competitions take many forms.

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2018 SeaPerch Challenge

“I loved supporting my teammates and I wanted them to do the best that they could, this experience is one I will never forget and I’ve learned how to contribute to a team.”

Team Member

2018 SeaPerch Challenge

“There were so many unique ROVs, my students can’t wait to get creative.”

Team Mentor

2019 SeaPerch Challenge

“I liked seeing this year’s challenge, which was different from previous years. It forced us to think outside of the box and go through the engineering design process several times. Basing the challenge off of real life events showed students how this has real life applications.”

Team Member

2018 SeaPerch Challenge

“Very helpful to be able to reuse elements from past challenges as opposed to having to build all from scratch.”

Team Mentor