2017 International SeaPerch Challenge 2017 International SeaPerch Challenge

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SeaPerch programs take many forms. Some are focused on inspiring students through outreach and last only a few hours, while others span years of engagement. There is no one-size-fits-all model so we’ve developed a flexible program to meet your interests and needs. Whether you are looking for a project to do at home, want to engage your students in a project with real-world uses, or just want a fun way to teach introductory STEM skills, SeaPerch can help.

2017 International SeaPerch Challenge

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2019 SeaPerch Challenge

“SeaPerch is a fantastic program to help kids enter the competitive world of robotics in a no stress environment.”

Team Mentor/Chaperone

2019 SeaPerch Challenge

“Since starting SeaPerch 4 years ago it is definitely my favorite robotics competition to participate in.”

Team Mentor/Chaperone

2018 SeaPerch Challenge

“It was all very well organized and an excellent experience for my students.”

Team Mentor