2016 SeaPerch Season

Congratulations to all of our 2016 SeaPerch Challenge Teams!

Welcome to the 2016 SeaPerch Challenge! Taking place on May 20 - 21, 2016 at the Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, in the LSU Maddox Fieldhouse and LSU Natatorium. It's sure to be an exciting year with a new challenge course, over 100 incredible teams and much more.

Congratulations to the 2016 Teams!

Obstacle Course 


An underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) must be able to maneuver successfully under its own power. If a vehicle cannot maneuver to the appropriate location to perform its task, the vehicle is of no use.  


The submerged obstacle course involves large rings (22″ minimum diameter), oriented in any direction, through which the vehicles must travel. Teams must navigate through the obstacle course, surface, then re-submerge and return through the course to the end. Consideration of optimal maneuverability, control and speed should be given when constructing your SeaPerch (thruster placement and orientation, tether attachment, buoyancy and ballast, etc.) and control box.


Scores for this round will be based on the fastest time for successfully navigating the obstacle course.  


There are five (5) -22″ diameter hoops in the obstacle course. 

Mission Course – The Challenge


While many roles for ROVs require power, most require the ability to collect and control samples and items in the water. This 2016 National Challenge task will require students to release objects and transport them in a controlled manner.The course consists of four stations to which the vehicles must maneuver and actuate equipment in the pool. The maximum pool depth for this event is seven (7) feet.There will be four dispensers containing different sized balls in each.


The first three dispensers contain Wiffle balls of various sizes that float up to the surface when released. There are three different sized Wiffle balls, in quantities of five each, to be released: golf balls (1.68”), baseballs (2.86”), and softballs (3.82”). The fourth dispenser contains real golf balls which sink.


Each released Wiffle ball can then be maneuvered to a submerged container or to a “floating pen” on the surface. The submerged container will be an inverted five (5) gallon bucket positioned to a depth approximately three (3) feet off the bottom of the pool. The bucket, tethered to a line and anchored, and will sway when pushed. More points will be given to placing the balls into the submerged bucket. The “floating pen” will be a floating line on the surface of the pool one (1) foot from the wall. All balls must be within this area to be scored. The golf balls must be herded into a scoring area on the floor of the pool.


Scoring is based on the maximum number of points in the short-est amount of time. The clock stops when the team identifies it is done, surfaces and touches the wall with its vehicle. Teams may stop the clock at any time, but it will not be restarted. Teams must inform the judges at the time if they wish to stop the clock and lock in their scoring.

Congratulations to our Winners!

Special Awards
Presented by Office of Naval Research Program

Officer Kelly B. Cooper

  • Creativity Award for Unique Design & Strategy  |  Neptune’s Nemesis from The Academy of Learning, Gambrills, Md.
  • Quality Award for Robustness  |   Mantis Shrimp from Lacey Township High School, Lanoka Harbor, Nj.
  • Admiral Mooney Deep Ocean Exploration Pioneer Award  |  Mighty CavBots from South Lake High School, Saint Clair Shores,  Mi.
  • Against All Odds Award  |  Team Nautilus from Manvel High School, Manvel, Tx.

Noteworthy Honorable Mentions

  • The HMS SeaBots: King Magikarps from Harrington Middle School, Mt. Laurel, Nj.
  • The IDKs from R.T. Milwee Middle School, Apopka, Fl.
  • The Killer Whales from Jo Ann Ford Elementary, Georgetown, Tx.
  • The M.C. Tech Sirens from 4-H – UA Cooperative Extension Service, Little Rock, Ar.
  • ROV Raptors Optimizing Vectors from Academic Magnet High School, North Charleston, Sc. for going through five design iterations 

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