2017 SeaPerch Season

Congratulations to all of our 2017 SeaPerch Challenge Teams!

Welcome to the 2017 SeaPerch Challenge! Taking place on May 19-21, 2017, at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA, it's sure to be an exciting year with a new challenge course, over 100 incredible teams and much more.

Obstacle Course


An underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) must be able to maneuver successfully under its own power. If a vehicle cannot maneuver to the appropriate location to perform its task, the vehicle is of no use.  


The submerged obstacle course involves large rings (22″ minimum diameter), oriented in any direction, through which the vehicles must travel. Teams must navigate through the obstacle course, surface, then re-submerge and return through the course to the end. Consideration of optimal maneuverability, control and speed should be given when constructing your SeaPerch (thruster placement and orientation, tether attachment, buoyancy and ballast, etc.) and control box.


Scores for this round will be based on the fastest time for successfully navigating the obstacle course. 


There are five (5) -22″ diameter hoops in the obstacle course. 

The Challenge


The 2017 Challenge was tailor-made for this year’s prospective Nationals site.  Due to pool glare concerns the challenge will be located closer to the competitors than in the past. 


The challenge consists of an ‘Origin’ where 3 rings and 3 cubes will be located within a fixture.  Each of these objects will need to be transported to the ‘Platform’ for differing amounts of points.


Scoring: Maximum number of points in the shortest amount of time.  The clock stops when the team identifies they are done, surfaces and touches the wall with the vehicle.  Teams may stop the clock at any time, but it will not be restarted. Teams must inform the judges at the time if they wish to stop the clock and lock in their scoring. Point scoring will be tallied upon completion. Points scored and knocked off are not counted.



 2017 Teaser



Rings can be placed on the platform for 1 point

Rings can be placed on the upper spikes for 2 points

Rings can be put on the Zig-Zags for the following points:




-only one ring scores per Zig-Zag (additional rings will not be scored)

-Rings on fittings score the lower of the point options


Cubes can be placed on the platform for 1 point (stacking gains an additional point)

Cubes can be put on the upper spikes for 2 points

Cubes hung in the Zig-Zags double the ring points (no ring no points)

Congratulations to the 2017 Teams!

Congratulations to the Winners!


2017 Champion 

Academia Ponce Interamericana – “Giapac 101” 

Constantly Improving Award 

Team Name – Aqua Tigers  

School/Organization – Nolan Ryan Junior High  

VADM Paul Sullivan Award 

Team Name – Tornadic Waterspouts Gold  

School/Organization – Pompano Beach High School  

Susan Giver Nelson Outreach Award  

Team Name – Robochicks 

School/Organization – Girl Scouts of Atlanta 

Congratulations to our 2017 Special Award Winners: 

Constantly Improving Award -  
Aqua Tigers from Nolan Ryan Junior High for being “the team that never quits.” 

VADM Paul Sullivan Award -  
Tornadic Waterspouts Gold from Pompano Beach High School for using math and engineering theory to calculate improvements in design based on specific design objectives. 

Susan Giver Nelson Outreach Award – RoboChicks from Girl Scouts of Atlanta 

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