Engineering Design Process

Think you’re done after one build? That’s when the real fun starts!


It’s all about how you approach your build.

Documenting and clearly communicating your engineering process during your SeaPerch build is very important. This documentation provides insight into why and how you ended up with your final design by recording your iterative design process and the data you collected along the way. Although maintaining this information isn’t a required part of the SeaPerch build process, it is strongly recommended and will likely result in a better design!

Check out some of the resources below for templates and guides for how to use the EDP with your SeaPerch ROV design and build process.

Let’s take this build step-by-step.

The Engineering Design Process (often referred as simply “EDP”) is a cycle of steps that are used in engineering projects. These steps are:

  • Ask. Identify the problem.
  • Imagine. Think of solutions.
  • Plan. Formalize the best solution.
  • Create. Build a prototype.
  • Test. Record and evaluate results.
  • Improve. Repeat steps as needed

These steps can be followed out of order also. For example, you may build a prototype, test it, and then identify the problem. However you approach your build, the EDP is an iterative process that can be used to continually improve your design.

Additional EDP Resources


Engineering Notebook Guide

Maintaining an engineering notebook is a great way to document your design process. Learn more about engineering notebooks and how to maintain one for your build.

Download PDF
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Technical Design Report Guide

Synthesize and communicate your design process in a short report. This guide provides a template for how you may approach your report.

Download PDF
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the questions you haven’t even thought to ask yet.

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