Become a citizen scientist and explore the waters around you.

Explore the world around you with SeaSense.


SeaSense is a novel marine sensor pack that was designed to fit on a standard SeaPerch ROV. Designed for citizen scientists of all ages, SeaSense introduces students and educators to sensorization, data collection, analysis and visualization through real-world research projects. Using SeaSense, students can design their own local projects to collect and assess water quality data, monitor the health of local waters, and support existing marine research efforts.

This project is in a beta stage and SeaSense platforms are not yet available for purchase. If you would like to pilot a program in your community, please contact us with your project idea.

The SeaSense platform

SeaSense provides an easy-to-use and low-cost solution for underwater scientific studies. This digital sensor platform is designed for use by students and other audiences who otherwise may not have a direct hands-on opportunity to study and learn about aquatic environments due to the high cost of equipment typically reserved for oceanographic institutions. SeaSense is designed for deployment in oceans, lakes, rivers, and any other body of water.


In addition to serving as a tool for studying various environments, the onboard sensors are useful for enhancing navigation and studying performance of undersea robotic platforms such as the SeaPerch.

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SeaSense Capabilities

Recommended Operating Depth

0 to 25 ft

Run Time

16+ hours (fully charged)

Conductivity Sensor

Measure salinity of fresh/saltwater

Temperature Sensor

Measure air/water temperature

Pressure Sensor

Measure depth

Turbidity Sensor

Measure water cloudiness

Wireless Communication

Wirelessly send data to a computer

Inertial Measurement Unit

Track orientation, position & velocity

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Citizen Science

Citizen Science

Participate in real-world research. Define your own project and use data to investigate and contribute to scientific exploration in your community.


Big Data

Analyze, visualize, and understand large data sets. Explore patterns and trends in data collected by sensors and explain real-world phenomena. 


Environmental Sensing

Collect data from real-world environments and monitor environmental conditions using this data. 

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Pilot Program Resources

The SeaSense program is in the pilot stage and is currently being tested in communities across the United States. Access more information on the pilot and the pilot program resources on the Pilot Programs page.


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