Pasco County SeaPerch Teacher Workshop Pasco County SeaPerch Teacher Workshop

Welcome Educators

Bring SeaPerch into your classroom.


This classroom pet doesn’t need to be fed (just occasionally charged).

How does it work?

The SeaPerch program is a great addition to traditional and informal educational settings. By navigating a SeaPerch build from start to finish, students are introduced to a variety of STEM and real-world content and skills in an engaging, project-based learning activity. As the facilitator for the activity, educators support student inquiry and exploration. You’ll be amazed at what your students imagine and bring to fruition. 

What if I don’t know about robots?

We aim to make it as easy as possible to incorporate the program into your classroom.  With the learning resources, standards mapping, and ready-to-build kits and parts packs that we offer, you and your students will be building your SeaPerch ROVs in no time!

How many kids (and adults) per kit?

We find that the program works best with groups of 3-4 students per kit. One adult mentor is recommended for each small group of elementary and middle school students. The recommendation for high school students is one mentor for every two to three small groups.

What if I don’t have the tools?

A tool kit is available for purchase in the shop that will provide you with everything your students need to build a SeaPerch. One tool kit is needed for every five SeaPerch kits, depending on how your build is set up. All tools needed are common tools you may already have access to, so there is always the option to use your own tools.

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