2023 SeaPerch Season

Thank you for a wonderful 2023 Season!

The 2023 International SeaPerch Challenge was a success! The 2023 International SeaPerch Challenge took place at the University of Maryland, College Park, on May 13, 2023.

Visit the 2023 SeaPerch International Challenge Event Page for everything that happened during the event!

Congratulations to all of our competing teams!

The results are in for the 2023 International SeaPerch Challenge. Click the button below to see overall class results and rankings for each of the competition events.

May 13, 2023 | University of Maryland

The 2023 International SeaPerch Challenge

Explore the ocean with us!

Ocean explorers use innovative technologies to fill gaps in our basic understanding of how we impact the ocean and how the ocean impacts us. This knowledge helps us to protect ocean health, sustainably manage our marine resources, accelerate our national economy, better understand our changing environment, and enhance appreciation of the importance of the ocean in our everyday lives. The 2023 International SeaPerch Challenge was inspired by these technologies.

We are pleased to announce an exciting partnership with NOAA Ocean Exploration and the Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute (OECI) for the 2023 season theme of ocean exploration.

The below event information applies to the 2023 International SeaPerch Challenge. Please check with your local regional coordinator for event information related to your local regional competition

Competition Elements

Technical Design Report
Technical Design Report
Required | updated 2/3/2023

Objective: Communicate your intentional design process.


Submission Format: Technical design report


Overview: Describe the intentional design process you completed for your SeaPerch ROV. This report should include all required sections in the instructions and provide judges with an understanding of your unique SeaPerch design and your team’s approach to developing this design. This report should focus on the the SeaPerch ROV your team designed to compete in the 2023 SeaPerch pool courses.



Report Instructions

Fact Sheet Template (PDF) (PPT) (Google Slide)

Scoring Rubric


Need a Starting Point?

Engineering Design Process Page

Example Technical Design Report – MS Stock Class

Example Technical Design Report – HS Stock Class

Example Technical Design Report – Open Class

Team Video
Team Video
Required | updated 11/15/2022

Objective: Clearly present your team and answer questions relevant to your SeaPerch season.


Submission Format: Video submitted in .MP4 format


  • Overview: Delivering ideas in a clear and convincing manner is critical to bringing your project to life and helping project supporters understand your ideas and be convinced of their potential. Prepare a 5-minute video answering the following questions:
    • What was the most surprising challenge you faced during this project and how did you overcome it?
    • What did each member of the team contribute to the project and what impact did those contributions have on the team’s success?



Team Video Instructions

Scoring Rubric

Pool Courses
Pool Courses
Required | updated 05/02/2023

Objective: Demonstrate the performance of your novel ROV design.


Submission Format: No pre-event submission.

Teams will complete pool course runs on-site, in-person at the 2023 International SeaPerch Challenge.


Overview: Navigate your SeaPerch ROV through an obstacle course and a mission course including a series of tasks. Score points for time and successful task completion.


The Obstacle Course tests high-speed maneuverability and requires the SeaPerch ROV to navigate the course as quickly as possible.


The Mission Course incorporates a mission related to Ocean Exploration. Teams will lead an exploration effort including mapping an area, removing marine life from an underwater station, and retrieving samples in an underwater environment.



Pool Courses: Overview & Rules Updates v3.0*

Scoring Rubric: Obstacle Course

Scoring Rubric: Mission Course

For course build guide, visit the Course Build Guides section below on this page


Demonstration Videos

SPC 2023 Mapping the Seafloor



SPC 2023 Marine Life Interaction



SPC 2023 Target and Water Sample


Real-World Innovation Poster
Real-World Innovation Poster
Optional | updated 2/24/2023

International Challenge Teams:

Real-World Innovation Poster is an optional event.



Objective: Explore real-world applications for underwater ROVs.


Submission Format: Digital poster


Overview: Identify a real-world issue and design a SeaPerch to address the issue. Create a virtual poster to tell us all about your project. Poster submissions can include anything from a conceptual design to a full project that you completed in the real world.



Real-World Innovation Instructions

Poster Template (PPT) (Google Slide)

Scoring Rubric – updated 02/24/23


Need a Starting Point?

SeaPerch in the Wild

Community and Outreach
Community and Outreach
Optional | updated 10/14/2022

International Challenge Teams:

Community and Outreach is an optional event. Teams may submit a written statement, team information, or both.



Objective: Give back to the community and let us get to know you!


Submission Format:

• Written statement (with photos and videos as applicable) submitted as a one-page PDF.

• Team logo/icon (submitted as PNG image)
• One paragraph (100 words max) team bio/overview
• Website link*
• Social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) *


Overview: It’s time to give back. Whether you volunteer your time in your community or your team finds a way to connect and offer support online, we want to hear about it. No project is too big or small. Engaging with your community is also important. Share your team or school’s logo, an overview of what your team is all about, and social media information so we can share it with the SeaPerch community. We will include this information on the SeaPerch website in the “Meet the Teams” section of the 2023 SeaPerch Challenge page and will share on RoboNation’s social media channels. 



Community & Outreach Instructions

Note: This is not a scored component but will be reviewed for special awards.


*Acknowledgement certifying that photographs or videos given as part of this entry only include team
members who have submitted a Photographic Release Form signed by a parent/guardian

2023 SeaPerch Season Resources

  • We will be presenting the following awards at the 2023 International SeaPerch Challenge:
  • Class Champion: 3 awards

    Top team in each class (1 per class).


    Competition Events: 36 awards 

    Top teams in Technical Design Report, Team Video, Mission Course, Obstacle Course (1st, 2nd, 3rd for each competition class).


    Real-World Innovation: 5 awards 

    Top teams in the optional Real-World Innovation event and fan favorite middle school and high school teams from public judging (1st, 2nd, 3rd  & Fan Favorites).


    Special Awards: 4 awards

  • Community & Outreach
  • Resiliency & Grit
  • Spirit of SeaPerch
  • Sportsmanship
Virtual Resources
Virtual Resources

Are you working remotely with your team and looking for resources to help? Here are a few great places to start and include some free educational offers from our amazing partners.



Design, build, and test your SeaPerch in an online environment.


Autodesk Tinkercad

Design and model your SeaPerch in 3D. Suitable for all ages!


Autodesk Fusion 360

Design and model your SeaPerch in 3D. Ages 13+.